2017 Build Small Live Large

November 3-5, 2017 in Portland, Oregon
The 2017 Build Small Live Large Summit focuses on accessory dwelling unit (ADU) development, and how these small homes built in backyards, attics and basements can offer solutions to steeply rising rents, displacement, and the pollution that is changing our planet’s climate.

Cities across the country face housing shortages and skyrocketing rents. Those conditions create an appetite in the market for ADUs and other small homes. The goal of the Summit is to build on this growing demand to promote a small housing movement where design, cost and care for the environment intersect with the needs of today’s families and urban neighborhoods.

On Friday through Sunday, November 3-5 in Portland, Oregon, this Summit will gather national experts on ADUs for three days of events to share policy approaches, design solutions and practical tools for catalyzing ADU development.

Register for just one day, or all three!

Friday, November 3 – The Summit
The professional Summit program offers a full day of educational sessions from national experts working on the cutting edge of ADU policy, design, development, real estate and finance.
Saturday, November 4 – Tours 
Take a guided or self-guided tour of ADUs and Small Homes in Portland, or learn about and visit Tiny Home Villages for the Houseless.

Sunday, November 5 – Workshops 
Attend the “Building an ADU” full day workshop to learn the essential elements of the ADU development process from start to finish, or get a brief introduction in “ADU 101.”

The Summit is the only hub where innovators in the diverse sectors that affect ADU development will come together to share what’s working in their cities. Join us in November and learn to build an ADU movement where you live!

November 3-5, 2017 in Portland, Oregon
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