Buying A Eugene Home In The Winter

The winter holiday season can be a great time to buy in most markets. This is true of the Eugene real estate market as well.

There are many reasons you should consider buying a home during the winter, one of the biggest is winter tends to be a buyer’s market in Eugene. Because business slows, real estate agents and realtors are more willing to compete for your business, additionally sellers tend to be more motivated during the winter months.

Buyer’s Market

Buying a home during the winter season in Eugene is a great idea because the market tends to soften, most people would prefer not to move during the holidays which creates a buyer’s market for those willing to move in this season. Less buyers shopping in the Eugene market means sellers show a little more motivation to get there home sold. Listing agents will also be more negotiable with asking prices as they know there is likely to be less offers.

Competition Slows

Most people would prefer not to move during the holidays, family traditions, holiday events and uncertain weather, make the winter months less desirable to move in. With less people likely to move, there are less buyers in the winter months which creates less competition in purchasing a home. A by-product of there being less buyers in the market means that Eugene real estate agents and Realtors are more willing to compete for your business.

Motivated Sellers

Anyone listing or selling their home during the winter in Eugene knows there are likely to be less offers and buyers, therefore they become more motivated with the activity they receive on their home. This motivation translates into possibly accepting a less desirable offer or even more willingness to meet buyer’s requests to make the sale happen.

If you are eager to start shopping this winter and take advantage of the market conditions, come in to our Eugene branch today to begin your pre-approval process!