“Refinancing your home in Eugene”

There are many reasons that a homeowner will consider refinancing their home, some of the most common reasons are lowering monthly payments, cashing out on equity, or paying your loan off faster. In this article we will discuss few of the reasons these options might be good for your home in Eugene. Lower Monthly Payments [...]


Meet The Eugene Loan Officers

At Peak Mortgage we pride ourselves on “lending where we live”, our front line proof of that statement is our team of professionals at the branch level. Many of our team members live in the community to the branch they work in. This is one area that we are able to exemplify the statement “we [...]


Purchasing an Income Property in Eugene

All across the state of Oregon the home rental market is improving and this is certainly true in the Eugene market. This improvement and strength has led to an influx of interested parties in purchasing an income property. An income property is a home that you purchase with the intention of renting or leasing to [...]


Mortgage Calculation: How Much Can You Afford In Eugene?

Local real estate agents in the Eugene area tell us that the current market conditions are strong. In this competitive market it is important to understand how much home you can afford. Your monthly payment amount may affect the area or neighborhood in which you look for a house. At Peak Mortgage Eugene, we always [...]