Top 5 Tools Every Homeowner Should Own

Looking to buy your first home? You’ll want to fill your toolbox with these essentials so you’ll be prepared for home improvement projects or emergencies. Also, be sure to give our Mortgage Advisors a call so they can assist you in the buying process!

  1. Tape Measure

This one is a no brainer. From DIY’s, hanging pictures, to seeing if you can fit that new sofa, this tiny tool will come in handy!

  1. Screwdrivers

Probably one of the most common tools in a tool box. You will use this for changing out switch plates, tightening a cabinet knob, to changing the batteries in your child’s toy. Be sure to get one with interchangeable heads or a variety pack.

  1. Step Stool

Not exactly a “tool” and sure, you can just stand on a chair, but a sturdy step stool is a much safer option. This will come in handy when changing out lightbulbs, hanging drapery, and dusting cobwebs.

  1. Drill and Drill Bits

Definitely the most multipurpose tool to have on hand. Buy a pack of drill bits with a good selection of Phillips-head, slotted and square-drive bits all in a variety sizes so you’ll be prepared for any repair job that comes your way.

  1. Hammers

You will need this for hanging pictures, outdoor projects and driving in small fasteners such as panel pins and tacks. It’s best to get two different sizes. One heavyweight and one lightweight. A good rule of thumb: The size of the hammer should correspond with the size of the nail.

With these 5 tools in your arsenal you will always be prepared for any home improvement or emergency!

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