We haven't met yet, but I am certain about one thing.

You’re the kind of person who recognizes the beautiful and fleeting moments of life.
Quiet times of connection. Unexpected, hilarious times with those you love the most.
As your trusted visual biographer, I capture what you notice and care deeply about.
If you create a minute to get in touch, I’ll do the rest.

Polina Bulman is an award winning documentary photographer specializing in family photography, weddings and events. Polina is located on the Main Line, booking sessions throughout Greater Philadelphia, NJ and NYC.

More than a Family Photographer

Documentary family photography brings me to the doorsteps of incredible families. Those who see value in recording everyday memories and appreciate the low key in-home photo session that is a fun experience for the entire family.

While delivering intimate and meaningful storytelling images, I become not just a photographer for my clients, but their family’s trusted visual biographer. Having an annual documentary session allows for a timeless record of both childhood and parenthood in your family, with one new chapter added each year.


Call to Action

Providing the utmost service to those who trust me to record their precious memories is my #1 priority!

Whether your next session is going to be an added chapter of the record we’ve already started to work on together or it’s the first one of many,

I encourage you to schedule it soon to make sure the dates you have in mind are available.

We received the book and USB this morning. Stunning!! The book is just perfect. We’ve looked at it several times already and cannot wait for Ellie to be able to look at it when she’s bigger and see what a cute little peanut she was!
And the USB – what a gorgeous surprise! We absolutely adore the box as a cherished place we can keep the USB of our photos AND display in our home. It’s wonderful!!
Thank you again – it was such a pleasure to work with you and we look forward to working together in the future as our family grows and possibly expands!

Meaghan, a mother of 2

Philadelphia, PA

Why Printed Component?

Our kids are probably the most photographed generation. We take pictures of them daily using all the available devices.
This said, our kids might also be the generation who wouldn’t have the images of themselves to look back at when they grow up.
I strongly believe that my job is only complete if I deliver to you a tangible product that your family will enjoy for many years to come!

Family Photography at the time of Social Distancing

Turns out that now is THE BEST TIME for a documentary family session.

I serve less clients a year than your neigborhood store in a year

everyone is home

you learned to be together all the time and actually have fun

you made sure that your home is the most exciting place of all – because otherwise how did you survive these months with kids?

Polina has been photographing our family for years now. We can not even imagine hiring anyone else neither for portraits nor for a family event.

Polina is extraordinary in her ability to capture special moments that are cherished for years. She is easy going and her love for people and the photography craft is contagious and visible in every picture.

Best part is that we have a whole collection of photo books that Polina designed for us from all these years. Kids love going through the albums and recalling their various childhood experiences.

Hanna, a mother of 2

Lower Merion, PA

Finding a Great Family Photographer

Finding a great family photographer can be a life-changing experience. The person who is a perfect match, who appreciates you for who you are and really sees the uniqueness of your family dynamics. Most important – the one, whos pictures reflect it!
Serving my clients for almost a decade now I know that the key to outstanding photographs is not the technical skills, or fancy cameras, not even the experience . The key is building strong relationships that start from the very first phone call and last for many years. 

Our kids change so quickly and it’s so important for us to capture such special family moments in the places that are meaningful to us. It’s also a chance for us all to be in the pictures, which otherwise never happens!  We truly cherish these photos. Thank you, thank you!!

Rachel, a mother of 2

New York, NY

What is Documentary Family Photography?


What am I getting?

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What areas of Philadelphia Do you serve?

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Can we get few portraits for holiday cards?

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